Brixton's Baked Potato is a fast casual restaurant concept based on perfectly baked potatoes which are loaded with complete entrees placed on top. The entrees represent a variety of international and regional dishes that go great with a potato such as Pulled Pork, Chile Verde, Pot Roast, Veggie, Thai Curry, Hawaiian BBQ, Texas Chili and more.

Market Position

Brixton's has a unique place in a restaurant landscape crowded with hamburger shops, Mexican restaurants, sandwich shops and pizza joints. The menu offers diners a hearty, healthy, value-priced alternative for lunch and dinner and has proven popular for staff lunches and catering for special events such as weddings, reunions, parties, etc.


The concept was inspired by loaded potatoes (called jacket potatoes) in Brixton, London. In 2009 Brixton's won the Ogden Utah Retail Challenge competition for best concept and business plan. At the store's grand opening, the mayor of Ogden presented a $10,000 check to the founders.


The founders have spent substantial time working in the business to develop efficient processes and on the business to prepare to open 100 stores by the end of 2016. While there is interest in franchising from California to New York to Texas, the initial focus for expansion will be in Utah then the surrounding states. The executives of Brixton's Franchise Company are committed to working with the right kind of partners and at a rate that allow us to facilitate success among all franchised locations.

Employees & Design

We recruit employees with a fun and energetic disposition that compliments the light and fresh atmosphere of the restaurant and creates a positive experience for customers. The restaurant layout has a thoughtful design, good flow and flexible seating configurations.

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(801) 827-0222

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Comfort food at it's finest! Brixton's is a fast, casual restaurant featuring perfectly baked potatoes topped with complete entrees to fit any taste.

(801) 827-0222
Brixton's Baked Potato
2386 Kiesel Ave
Ogden, Utah 84401